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Can Bluetooth Be Used for Audio Streaming?

In this article, I will take a look at Bluetooth. In particular, I will focus on whether the truth is suitable for transferring audio from one location to another. Streaming audio via Bluetooth has not always been possible. In fact, Bluetooth as such was never originally designed as a medium for transporting large amounts of data such as audio data. Instead, Bluetooth was intended as protocol to connect peripherals with the computer.

In order to connect a printer to computer, for example, you can use a Bluetooth receiver which is attached to the use be port of the printer and then similarly a USB dongle which plugs into the USB port of your computer. Both dongles are going to communicate with one another by using the wireless protocol. However, the first revision of Bluetooth only supported the data rate of …

How to Troubleshoot Problems with Your Audio Equipment

If you run into the trouble when using your audio equipment, then most likely you will be able to remedy the problem yourself. 90% of problems are very small in nature. Let me show you some issues that pop up quite often which are easy to address by yourself.

Most audio gear is structured in different components. By using this modular approach, you can select suitable components which are a perfect fit for your requirements. Also, if one component breaks, it is easy to swap out a single component versus having to repair the whole system. If you do run into trouble then first of all you should check the interconnects.

Every single component of your audio system is connected to other components via audio connectors. These connectors are a common cause of problems. Sometimes a loose Jack will interrupt …

How to Use a Bluetooth Receiver to Turn a Loudspeaker into a Bluetooth Speaker

I have some old loudspeakers which didn’t have much use anymore. So I decided to turn them into speakers which I can use to stream music from my phone. The easiest way I could figure out to do this is by using a commercially available Bluetooth receiver. In this article, I’m going to show you what I did to my speaker to make it Bluetooth compatible.

The speaker I used is made by Polk audio. It is a regular passive speaker. Then I purchased a Bluetooth receiver from Amphony. This receiver is different from some other Bluetooth receivers such as models from Belkin in that it has an amplifier built in. That is important because the speaker doesn’t have an amplifier. The first step in retrofitting the speaker was to attach the Bluetooth receiver to the rear panel.…

How Power Efficient Are Wireless Speakers?

These days many products are going green. They are very stringent regulations in place nowadays in Europe regarding all types of electronic products. These regulations govern the maximum power consumption while devices on standby mode. It is surprising to realize that just in the United States, all televisions combined in standby mode require a full nuclear power station to operate. That is because of how much power is wasted by electronic products. Aside from standby power, the power efficiency of devices operating is also crucial for reducing power consumption. Therefore, manufacturers have worked hard to improve the power efficiency of their products. In fact, many customers nowadays are looking at power efficiency rating of many appliances before making a purchase.

outdoor speakers

Let me look at wireless speakers from Amphony as an example of how manufacturers can improve power efficiency. These speakers …

Some Simple Instructions for Installing a Home Theater System

Many people are perplexed by the complexity of home theater installations. That is not a surprise given that most home theater systems nowadays Bandar a large number of loudspeakers which all must be connected correctly to home theater receiver. In addition, the receiver itself is also quite complex. It features dozens of connections at the back and also setting it up is more complicated than many people think. In fact, much equipment was designed in Japan or Korea and thus the user manuals which come with the products are usually written the same way which means there are not easily understood by an English speaker. However, the basic principle is the same. So I will give you some tips for setting up your home theater system which you can follow in case you get stuck on page 24 of the …

How Wireless Speakers Can Withstand Interference

Even though manufacturers of wireless speakers would like you to believe that nothing could come in the way between the music which you are streaming from your device and the speakers, the fact is that a lot of can go wrong with the signal while it is traveling. That is because other wireless devices are also transmitting radio waves which might or might not be at the same frequency as the signal which is being sent out by the transmitter. In this paragraph I will show some of the techniques which are being utilized in order to enhance the robustness of wireless speakers when it comes to being able to resist problems due to wireless interference.

speakers which are wireless

First of all, let me explain the main problem. Just imagine an FM radio station. FM radio stations send out radio waves over a …