How to Troubleshoot Problems with Your Audio Equipment

If you run into the trouble when using your audio equipment, then most likely you will be able to remedy the problem yourself. 90% of problems are very small in nature. Let me show you some issues that pop up quite often which are easy to address by yourself.

Most audio gear is structured in different components. By using this modular approach, you can select suitable components which are a perfect fit for your requirements. Also, if one component breaks, it is easy to swap out a single component versus having to repair the whole system. If you do run into trouble then first of all you should check the interconnects.

Every single component of your audio system is connected to other components via audio connectors. These connectors are a common cause of problems. Sometimes a loose Jack will interrupt the connection between two pieces of equipment. You can most easily remedied this by verifying that all audio connectors are plugged in firmly. Simply turn and twist each connector.

I personally prefer using digital audio cables versus analog cables. Digital interconnects are usually much more reliable. If they are lose then you still will have audio transmission even though there might be a small gap between the audio jack and the connector. This is not the case with analog interconnects. If there’s a small gap than the electric contact is interrupted. You will get no more audio.

Another common issue has to do with the power supply. Check each component to make sure it has power. If one particular component does not have power then double check the power cord and also see if the fuse has blown. If the fuse has blown then replace it with a similar fuse. If the second fuse also blows then the equipment is faulty and should be sent to repair facility.