How to Use a Bluetooth Receiver to Turn a Loudspeaker into a Bluetooth Speaker

I have some old loudspeakers which didn’t have much use anymore. So I decided to turn them into speakers which I can use to stream music from my phone. The easiest way I could figure out to do this is by using a commercially available Bluetooth receiver. In this article, I’m going to show you what I did to my speaker to make it Bluetooth compatible.

The speaker I used is made by Polk audio. It is a regular passive speaker. Then I purchased a Bluetooth receiver from Amphony. This receiver is different from some other Bluetooth receivers such as models from Belkin in that it has an amplifier built in. That is important because the speaker doesn’t have an amplifier. The first step in retrofitting the speaker was to attach the Bluetooth receiver to the rear panel.

Amphony ifinity wireless speakers

I purchased some metal brackets from a hardware store. I then bend these brackets into shape. I used to of these brackets. I made the band such that when put on to the Bluetooth receiver, there’s a slight gap. I then purchase some soft foam which has glue on one side. I attached this form to the bottom of the Bluetooth receiver. With that form, I can push down on the brackets and the Bluetooth receiver is firmly held in place.

Next I drill some holes into the rear panel of the speaker. I then used some wood screws in order to attach to the Bluetooth amplifier to the rear of the speaker. I positioned the receiver such that the speaker clamp terminals were facing towards the terminals of the speaker. Finally, I connected the speaker clamp outputs of the Bluetooth receiver to the speaker terminals. I used some short speaker cable.

On the top of the receiver there’s a connector for an antenna. I purchased a different antenna than the one provided with the amplifier. That is because I wanted the antenna to stand up vertically. I then connected the DC jack of the wallwart power supply with the DC input of the receiver. I then fixed the power cord from the wall would to the rear panel of the speaker.

Now it was time for the first test. I plucked in the wallwart power supply. Next, I connected to the receiver by using the Bluetooth setting menu on my phone. After a quick search, the receiver was revealed and connecting was quick. The sound quality from the set up was quite impressive. Send me an email if you have any questions about my modification.