Some Simple Instructions for Installing a Home Theater System

Many people are perplexed by the complexity of home theater installations. That is not a surprise given that most home theater systems nowadays Bandar a large number of loudspeakers which all must be connected correctly to home theater receiver. In addition, the receiver itself is also quite complex. It features dozens of connections at the back and also setting it up is more complicated than many people think. In fact, much equipment was designed in Japan or Korea and thus the user manuals which come with the products are usually written the same way which means there are not easily understood by an English speaker. However, the basic principle is the same. So I will give you some tips for setting up your home theater system which you can follow in case you get stuck on page 24 of the user manual.

What you basically have to understand this first of all that most home theater systems utilize multiple speakers. The basic 5.1 system uses the total number of six speakers. Let me explain the use of those speakers. There are usually two speakers located in front of the room one on the left side and one of the right side of the room. The function of the speakers is similar to the function of the left and right speaker for television. However, surround sound systems add an additional front speaker which is called sent the speaker. The speaker usually sits on top or behind your TV. It carries the dialogue. The front speakers, on the other hand, usually carry the music track of the movie.

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What makes surround sound systems different from watching TV over the built-in speakers, are the rear speakers. The speakers usually carry special effects and also scenes which happened behind the viewer. Having those three speakers also makes it much easier for the produce of the movie to create realistic sound effects versus only having to front speakers. In addition to all of the speakers, you will also have a subwoofer.

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Now the trick is connecting all of the speakers correctly. Usually the rear of your home theater receiver has outputs which are marked for each speaker. So first of all, set up all of you speakers in your room without wearing too much how they will be connected in the end. Next you will take speaker wire and connected to each speaker. Then run the speaker wires from each speaker towards your home theater receiver. I recommend doing this one speaker at a time so that you don’t have to label the wiring in order to figure out which wire is connected to which speaker. So start out with the left front speaker and then work your way towards your home theater receiver. Then make the connection to the appropriate output of your receiver. Do the same for the other speakers. When making the connection, pay attention to the polarity of the speaker cable. All speakers should be set up the same polarity. Many people prefer using wireless speakers for the rear speakers in order to avoid those long speaker cable runs. There some home theater systems on the market which already bundled wireless speakers. Using those wireless speakers, the setup can be simplified to some degree. However, in that case of the speakers need to be attached to a power outlet.